Art experiences that come to life

Artworks should make you want to display and share them. We collaborate on artworks to create art experiences that people want to hang on their walls, share with their friends, and give as gifts. We combine art with technology to create experiences.

Artworks as physical and digital art pieces

ZIR artworks come to life. Anyone with an iOS or Android phone can use the free ZIR app to view the artworks' AR layer, and learn more about the artist and the artwork.


AR art experiences as home and gift purchases

We collaborate with creators to bring artworks to life, and into the hands of as many people as possible, as engaging augmented reality experiences that make you want to replay, share, and jump into them. Our works are all part of limited runs, printed on gallery-quality paper, and delivered to you seamlessly.


Innovative collaboration + artistic exploration

ZIR works with established and upcoming artists to create augmented reality experiences for new or existing artworks. Creators can add layers to their works that engage and interact with their fans and followers.

We believe art should astound, and we're committed to bringing those types of experiences into your home, office, and your friends' homes. We combine art and technology to create engaging art experiences.