Frequently Asked Questions

Augmented reality, a mobile app, artworks, and postal mail...we get that you may have some questions. If you still have a question after looking through the FAQs below (if you just want to get in touch anyway), feel free to send us an email to or submit the contact form at the bottom of the page.

How does it work?

You point your ZIR app at a ZIR-enabled art print, and it will come to life. It's that simple. Really.

Do I need to buy anything?

No....but you do need a ZIR-enabled art print in order to view an animation. You can find these in museums, galleries, stores, art shows, online, on your friend's wall, or on your wall.

Do I need to download anything?

Just the ZIR app.

Can I test it? Can I see how it works before buying an artwork?

Sure. Just download the ZIR app, open it up, and point the AR viewer at the ZIR artwork displayed on your computer screen. You'll see it come alive, just like it will on your wall, or your best friend's wall.

How can I purchase an artwork?

Please head over to our Store, and choose the item you'd like to purchase. We promise you'll love it! We accept Visa and Mastercard, and all payments are securely processed by Stripe.

What do I need to do, in order to bring my artwork to life?

You need to have an artwork that you would like to bring to life, and you need to contact us. That's really it. Super simple. If you have an "animation" (augmented reality layer) that you would like to use, then you will be able to use that. If not, then you can use a making-of video, a studio tour, or one of our incredibly talented 3D artists will be able to create the augmented reality layer for your artwork. Please contact us, and we'll be happy to walk you through all the steps.

How much does it cost to bring my artwork to life?

We don't charge artists to AR-enable their artworks. At least, not yet. We might at some point....but as of right now, we focus on collaborating with artists and creating incredible AR-enabled artworks.undefined

How long does it take?

We need a high-resolution image of your artwork, the augmented reality layer to use, and information about the artwork. If you have all of that, then 1-2 days, and your artwork will be AR-enabled and on the platform....really, the process only takes a few minutes, but we want to play it safe and say 1-2 days. If you do not have the augmented reality layer, then they typically take around 7-10 days to create.

Can you ship to me?

Yes, unless you live in Antarctica or North which case, please email us and we can coordinate something individually to get you your AR art.

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

It depends on where we are sending your order to, and the shipping/delivery option you select. Please consult our Shipping & Returns page for more information.

Can I really return the artwork, no questions asked?