Art lovers come first. But so do creators.We set out to do 2 things: collaborate on artworks that people want to buy and share, and empower artists.

Bring your work to life

ZIR artworks come to life. Anyone with an iOS or Android phone can use the free ZIR app to view the artworks' AR layer, and learn more about the artist and the artwork.

Expand your canvas

Our platform quickly adds augmented reality experiences to artworks, whether an already-existing animation you had or one that our 3D artists created together with you.

Engage with your fans

We work with established & upcoming artists to create engaging experiences for your fans, highlighting your work, inspiring your fans to share, and developing your brand.

Sell interactive AR prints

We don't just give artists a platform and creative opportunity. We sell AR-enabled prints, with our collaborating artists receiving 60% of what we earn .

While we're an entirely curated platform, tending to select artists and artworks by invitation, we're always open to interesting opportunities and exploring collaboration proposals. If you're interested in having your work featured on our platform or learning more, please contact us at or submit the below form.
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