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Joan Cornellà
about the artist

Joan Cornellà‘s dark-humored comics disturb yet appeal at the same time. Distorted bodies, extreme discomfort, bizarre characters and awkward, unexplainable situations construct the core of his wordless, one-page comics. The twisted comics of a Spanish artist attracted a huge following on social networks, counting over three million Facebook followers. Through his gruesome comic tales, Joan tackles a range of complex and taboo themes which are often avoided. The opposite of all the morbidity seen in these wordless comics is Cornellà’s choice of soothing, lovely colors and his overall style of drawing which looks like it was taken from children’s books. Cornellà is especially known for recurrently drawing an almost vacant smiling expression on his characters. This face and smile, which completes so many of his strips, became one of Cornellà’s well-known trademarks.

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